Monday, March 5, 2007

Those who can't do critique

I don't personally know of any single individual who consumes more media than I do. I am sure there are thousands who spend their every waking hour devouring movies, film, theatre and opera. It is a sad testament to the nature of the company I keep that the true media afficionadas in my group can be counted on the fingers of one hand, and none of them are hardcore fans. Which is to say, they have a life independent of this shit. Sadly, my life has begun to revolve around alternate realities. I have immersed myself in the vicarious pleasures of consuming movies, television and novels ; have sacrificed countless hours to the pantheon of underground media. I have written for the Lifestyle section of my college magazine, critiquing obscure underground art movements,films and books. I've also taken modules in art appreciation and recognition. Thus I feel adequately qualified to critique works of art I encounter. Given that my opinions on movies and novels are often very firm and strong, it is to be expected that many will find my reviews opinionated and pompous. But then it's not my job to keep you happy. I am well aware that a critic is just a glorified reviewer who is able to adequately express his hatred/love of a piece of art.Also, the response I've encountered most often while lambasting a work of art is,
"If you're so good, why don't you make something yourself?" To this, my response is that you don't have to be capable of making art to judge art. There is an intrinsic aesthetic sensibility in us that helps us tell good art from bad art.

Most times, people find that reviews don't count for diddly squat. I'm hoping mine do.Here goes.

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